Recreation Assistant

Wellstead of Rogers Campus
Job Description
At this time, we are seeking a Lifestyle 360 Associate to join our team!


•In coordination with the Lifestyle 360 Director, helps in the analysis of the community’s resident population and the development of an innovative, evidence based, seven days per week (at least five programs per day with one program in the evening) activity program that is engaging and incorporates the Five Dimensions of Wellness: Emotional Dimension- 5 days per week; Intellectual Dimension- 7 days per week; Physical Dimension- 7 days per week; Social Dimension- 7 days per week; Spiritual Dimension- 3 days per week.
•Interviews residents, on occasion, to determine his/her interests and program preferences and if, appropriate what accommodates may be needed for program attendance (such as large print game card etc.).
•In coordination with the Lifestyle 360 director, helps with the writing of recreation program descriptions.
•Ensures that all documentation required by state and Five Star corporate policy is written in a timely fashion.


•High School diploma or equivalent.
•Associate degree in human service or recreation therapy preferred.
•Strong oral and written communication skills.
•Previous experience working in a health care setting a plus.
•Ability to work effectively with small groups as leader or facilitator.
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