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Your business can only go as fast as your slowest task........

At Clear Simple Business our mission is FREEDOM.

Freedom to:
Accomplish more in less time
Get back to the aspects of the business that you love
Not be stressed out about putting out fire

''Effective systems simplify your life and business. They take the guesswork out of tasks. They ensure things are done consistently, reliably, completely, and drama-free. Systems free your mind from day-to-day chaos .and let you focus on The Now so you can Do Your Thing. And when you’re in The Now and you Do Your Thing, Your Year of Stunning Success is bound to happen.” – Jenny Shih

You deserve to have systems set up that support your busy life and ENSURE you stunning success! Now is the time to have what you deserve and I am ready to show you the way, step-by-step. Together we can make this year your year of stunning success!

“Sarah has very strong technical abilities and learns new systems with ease but is also highly skilled in designing and evaluating processes. She has strong communication skills, is client-focused, and routinely considers the perspectives of clients and end-users. Sarah regularly uses this combination of skills to produce creative, efficient tools and solutions for problems felt by her business partners. On numerous occasions, she was solely responsible, or the main catalyst for the automation of day-to-day processes which saved hundreds of hours of manual effort while resulting in greater compliance to best-practices.'' Zach Osborne


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