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When Harry Dorweiler moved here back in 1919, Hamel was in dire straits. Its one and only bank (Hamel State Bank) had failed the prior year. Harry's brother, Louie, had opened Farmers State Bank of Hamel on September 8, 1919, and brought Harry on board the following month.

Their goal was to serve the community and hopefully provide a new career for Harry after two farming accidents ended his farming career. Many years have passed; Farmers State Bank of Hamel is now in the fourth generation of Dorweiler management and continues to strive to serve not only this community but also surrounding communities. Our goal still remains, as Harry put it, ''Always at Your Service...All Ways.''

Harry Dorweiler's ''Some Memoirs of a Country Banker''
Our mission is simple:
Support our communities, remembering that they are the sole reason for our success.
Building lasting, long term relationships with customers and treat them as the friends they truly are.
Remember who we are, what we are, how we got here.Build and maintain a steady, long term staff (which we call our bank ''family''), that is courteous, knowledgeable, and friendly.